Inclusief Design

Working towards a more inclusive design scene in The Netherlands.


The Dutch design field isn’t an accurate representation of our society*, but it should be. To make sure everyone has a chance to design and access the world around us. Also, there are benefits to making sure your company and products are inclusive:

* Providing statistics in the Dutch context would be great. Sadly, I don’t have them. Let me know if you can help.

What can we do?

I want to help Dutch designers find out what they can do. So, this is a collection of learnings from marginalized communities both in and outside of The Netherlands and the field of design. You can use it as inspiration, a checklist, a reading guide, or however you want. And hopefully, more inclusive designers lead to more diverse and inclusive design agencies/departments, which lead to more just and inclusive design processes & products—and maybe even a more just society.

Next steps


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