Inclusief Design: Privacy policy

Who am I?

The website is made and hosted by Floris Jansen

What data I collect and why

You can sign up for an email update with TinyLetter by Mailchimp. In that case, I will use your name and email address to send you updates. Their privacy policy applies, too, if you sign up. You can unsubscribe at any moment using the link at the bottom of the emails.

Otherwise, I don’t actively collect any data. Data could end up in my possession, though, if you send me an email or message on a social network. In that case, I will receive the data you send me, and this gets stored on the servers of the respective service, so I can actually see and read your message.

With whom I share your data

The short answer: nobody ✨ The long answer: as mentioned above, the data is probably stored on the servers of the service through which you’re trying to reach me. If you send me an email, this data will end up on the servers of Google, since I use Gmail. Next to this, I will never share your data with any third party, unless we’ve explicitly agreed on this.

How long I store your data

Well, kind of forever; I probably won’t actively delete your data, unless you ask me to.

Your rights concerning your data

If you’ve contacted me, you can request an overview of the data I possess of you. You could also ask me to delete any of your data in my possession, except the kind which we are required to store because of administrative, legal or security purposes.

Cookies & tracking

While I use self-hosted Matomo for analytics, I’m not using tracking cookies and your IP address is anonimized. This way, I get to see what pages work well and if I missed any devices/browsers/etc. in my assumptions—but you stay anonymous.


You can always send me an email on with any further questions.