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The Dutch design field isn’t an accurate representation of our society, but it should be. To make sure everyone has a chance to design and access the world around us. It can help to look at diversity, anti-racism and inclusion in the field of design. On a personal, organisational and societal level, we can learn a lot as designers (especially if we’re not from marginalized communities ourselves). To make us more aware, reading and listening to the people in marginalized communities in and around design is important, but it can be hard to find relevant resources.


This is a non-exhaustive list of resources and things to learn or act upon, based on what designers marginalized communities from around the world have been sharing. It’s supposed to be intersectional, too.

It would be great to extend this project by also making it insightful how we’re doing as a community/field, to highlight the people who are underrepresented in our field, and more.


This is (and probably will always be) a work in progress. I still want to:

You can contribute by creating a pull request on GitHub or reaching out to me on Insta, Twitter, Telegram or email (


This website/project was set up by Floris, but the ideas represented here are obviously not my own, but those of all the people of colour, people with a non-binary gender identity, people with disabilities, and those in any other marginalized communities who have been writing about these topics for decades. There are also some people who’ve contributed to this project:


Martin by Vocal Type Co. for the headings and Lora by Cyreal for the body text.


You could star the repo on GitHub, but if you prefer human-readable updates, I’ll try to send you an email, once in a while.

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